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Basic search techniques for 'Google search'

Some basic search techniques for 'Google search'-gonna help you to save your valuable time..Try this out!!!!

[red rose] shows pages with the words red and/or rose on them, in the title, or used in the anchor text to link the page. These words may not be near each other (this is known as proximity)

Common myths and mistakes in typography

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Every Graphic or web designers works with typography all the time, even if we don’t call all of us typographers, setting type in one form or another is unavoidable. It’s a an important part of our job. And for hundreds of years it was our job alone well, technically speaking it is the duty of a type setter’s.desktop publishing came along and situation has changed.

Since the first GUIs introduced anyone with a computer has been able to set their own type,thus alivated the typewriters job obviously that was a great revolution

Double Space After Full Stop (.)

Let’s be clear about it: there is no need for a double spaces after every full stops. You may never have encountered, or noticed, this phenomena, but if you have you’ll know how annoying it is to have to go through the entire page and correct it

Steps for improving the Usability of Your Website

The term “Usability” is a nightmare for me. It’s a small word with a large meaning.Regarding the usability of a websites, an entire industry has formed – called User Experience (UX) – with the idea of improving how a visitors to your website can get an interactive experience and consume the content. If you can make it easy to find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to hang around your website and continue reading/watching/interacting. Such a huge impact is hidden inside such an ordinary word.

I would like to share some practical steps to improve the usability of your site today.

Check on Several Versions of Browsers

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Understanding how to use Google Webmaster Tools for Page Ranking

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Almost 90% of our web search market is under Google’s dominance, so the tool created by Google to help improve your rankings it’s always advisable to try it out. This is precisely what Google Webmaster Tools offers.In webmaster tool users can add up to 1000 sites including news and mobile sites to their account.

When you create an account with Google Webmaster Tools, you will be asked to verify your site to make sure you own that website. This doesn’t affect the site’s page rank in any way. Moreover, if you create blogs on Blogger, you can automatically add and verify site after enabling the Webmaster Tools from the Blogger dashboard.

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