12 Expectations to Consider When
Engaging a Digital Agency

Finding a digital marketing agency, feels more like finding a trusted partner to accomplish your business goals! Before hiring a digital agency, there’s a lot to consider! Investing time, money, and resources in a marketing agency creates a customized marketing strategy for long-term success!

Choosing a reputable agency will appropriately build up a strong working relationship and ensure to achieve most out of their services!

Now, consider these factors before engaging with a digital agency,

Have a proposal and strategy

Before choosing the digital agency, expect some value upfront by investing in their services!

It’s available in different forms, such as,

Proposals – consider agencies who prepare a clear presentation in regard to their strategy and execution!

Test project – consider hiring a digital agency for a test project initially! If it works well, then go with their services! It works better for services such as content or other similar services!

Audit – choose agencies that provide free audit or such services to optimize your technical SEO or options to improve your design

Having a value upfront will estimate the expertise of the agency and their dedicated services to help you!

Choose your Niche

Consider a digital agency with ideal experience in working with clients similar to your specific requirements and the market you operate in!

Market – markets differ with different strategies! For example, a B2B company selling machinery parts will require a completely different approach to fashion stores in terms of marketing channels, sales cycle and messaging!

Marketing channel – It’s essential to consider digital agency with real time experience in handling all the marketing channels according to your requirement! Usually, businesses compete for customers in each marketing channel and so, get somebody who allows your messages to stand out in the crowd!

Have a contract

It’s significant to understand the legal side of your relationship with the digital agency, this avoids any future trouble with the organization!

Before signing a contract, consider these facts

No guarantees – Usually, agencies likely to do their best and ensure successful results! But, you will never find an agency that guarantees a set of results in your contract!

Fixed period of time – most of the contracts are agreed for a period of time! so, you won’t be able to cancel the service unless there is a clause allowing you to do so!

No responsibility – Most of the agency will never take up the responsibility for any damage to your brand based on their marketing activity! It’s one of the significant reasons to consider while evaluating an agency!

Have some Cost expectations

While hiring a digital agency, you involve in a form of outsourcing! Outsourcing is not a complete solution for cost-savings! While working with best agencies, you will have to pay for their years of expertise!

Some agencies may assure same work for less payment! But think logically, what brings the difference in both services!

Also, consider the cost estimation for having an in-house team and hiring a digital agency! Consider how it works while hiring a top talent in the particular field versus hiring a digital agency that has a well-defined team!

Have a project scope

Most of the time, business owners lack perfect understanding in their project scope and engage with a digital agency without knowing their project requirements!

Business owners should have a clear understanding of the project scope and you have to consider the following,

Timeline – have an estimated time schedule for your project accomplishment and working relationship! It’s essential to determine whether it’s a short term project or you require an ongoing partner to work indefinitely!

Needs – Hire an agency who could easily take up your evolving needs! For example, if you hire a company for SEO and soon have a requirement of producing great content, the agency should be well-equipped to meet your upcoming needs!

Budget – budget estimate is significant! Longer and more complex, the project’s cost more! So, have a realistic grasp on how far you have to stretch your budget!

Expected results

Getting successful results for your business is the ultimate goal of any digital marketing agency!

Have a realistic perspective on your success,

Testing phase – have a testing phase before you find the right cadence! It could be a matter of months depending on the focus!

Failure management – even the best digital agencies, may have some factors that may go out of control! You may get tough competition in market and so, there’s a risk of failure while engaging with a digital agency!

Quantified results – Products or services have the end result that is easier to agree on! But marketing is lot more unpredictable! So, get quantified results by running appropriate tests!

Hiring multiple agencies

Few business owners may think about hiring multiple agencies or continue with a single agency that can handle everything,

Working with different agencies result in,

  • Finding specialized agencies to accomplish your marketing needs
  • Gain insights from different perspective
  • Diversify the risk of relying on one team

Some of the limitations include,

  • May cause any trouble in handling multiple agencies! Improper management may cause any adverse effect!
  • Not all the agencies may deliver same quality work
  • It’s difficult to collaborate with different agencies on a holistic marketing strategy!

Expect Personal workload

While engaging with a digital agency, you get an external team to achieve your goal! It doesn’t mean that they take over your business and work for it! There are some responsibilities while engaging with a digital marketing agency,

  • Make sure the landing pages are well optimized to convert and increase traffic
  • Involve in certain tasks like providing access to software, creating customer profiles, and so on, according to their requirements
  • Depending upon the type of work, complete specific tasks according to their needs!


Micro-management is never considered as a good thing but, it’s more likely to pull of things if you’re working with a small in-house marketing team!

While working with a digital agency, they will have their own set of processes and ways of working! Remember the agency operates in a unique manner and so, these are the logistical barriers to micromanage an agency! For example, you may communicate with the account manager and not with the team members!

Knowledge on business fundamentals

Hiring the best digital marketing agency wouldn’t matter if you have a bad business! Business owners should deeply understand the current challenges and strengthen your marketing strategy!

Before hiring a digital marketing team, consider the following,

  • Find out the demand of your product! Keep a valid product before hiring the agency!
  • Do you have a large addressable market? Digital agencies come up with scalable marketing channels and so, you need a product and market that can scale!
  • In addition to a good product, get some inclination that allows digital marketing channels to work for you!

Agencies with multiple clients

Digital agencies usually structure their business, so they can work with multiple clients! In order to grow their business, they take up new clients!

According to the requirement, any given digital agency will put their efforts and resources to focus on your particular goals! Usually, you will get the support of an account manager depending on the work involves and may have direct contact with the team members who execute the marketing strategy!

You have to keep in mind that account manager and marketing people may work on other projects too and so, get a reliable agency 100% focused on your project!

Agencies follow their own processes

While starting with a digital agency, you may quickly realize that you’re essentially integrating with another company!

So, it’s essential to have a good symbiosis between the company and agency!

Team – have a strong relationship and check whether it actually gets on well with the digital marketing team! Even if people have good skills and track record, some personalities don’t go hand-in-hand!

Culture – examine the culture and values of the agency, check whether it meshes well with yours! You may look for a slow and steady approach, but agencies may focus on results by any means!

Processes – business owners may expect the agency to stand by and ready to engage! But, they usually have a work structure with long periods of deep work! They may work more methodical and focus on fundamental execution! Make sure that your processes and styles are working with great sync!


Having an appropriate relationship will ensure success and more harmonious relationship with the digital agency!

Initially, understand how an agency can support your business? Even if the agency is talented with great expertise, they can only work with what you give them!

Make sure that your in-house is in order first! So, when you start the work with an agency it can help you scale up what’s already working!

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