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Why you need an E-commerce Website

If you want to sell your products, you need to convince your users about your brand. When you lead a user to make a purchase, it means you’re taking a closer look at who the clients are, their interests and the reasons for their conversion. Here are a few reasons why you need an e-commerce websites

Audience insights: People always have plenty of options for their shopping needs. By educating and solving common problems related to shopping and meeting their objections with a proper solution, you can make your business the best option.

Experience driven designs: In today’s times, a user experience matters more than anything else. Customers have become more careful of their shopping and only with a compelling user experience can you capture their attention.

Purchasing convenience: A complex and confusing experience can leave sales on the table. If a user is not satisfied with the website and is unable to shop easily, then it goes without saying that they will start looking elsewhere.


Why we are different

If you want a company that does e-commerce websites for you then you don’t need to look beyond Hellopixels. Polished and tested for more than 20 years, our work process makes use of extensive user research, strategic insights and experience-driven designs. We use our special creative skills to create a website that engages users and delivers good business results.

Our eCommerce Website Design Process

Polished and tested for nearly two decades, our process incorporates extensive user research, strategic insight, and experience-driven design to create websites that engage users and deliver business results.

Step 1

Discovery + User Research

We start every eCommerce design project by conducting stakeholder interviews, and combing through data and industry trends, to get a clearer picture of your business.Understanding your audience is just as important as knowing your business – our team zeroes in on your audience’s problems, needs, and motivations, discovering what their interests are and what drives their shopping behavior.

Step 2


It takes a team to build a strategy. So once our research is completed, an experienced website strategist pulls together experts from multiple disciplines to gather insights and set strategic direction.Once we’ve identified the way forward, we present our findings and recommendations to your team, and lay out the next steps for designing your eCommerce website.

Step 3


Our UX team takes learnings from our strategy to create a sitemap, which is a blueprint for the site’s structure and hierarchy. At the same time, our team puts together a list of technical requirements and specifications for the site to ensure it performs as intended once it’s developed.

Step 4


Design is where the experience truly takes shape. Starting with an exploratory session, we work collaboratively with your team to define the website’s visual style.Working from the wireframes, a designer brings our strategic concepts to life by crafting full-color mockups of key site pages for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Step 5

eCommerce Website Development

If we’re developing your eCommerce site, this is when our team turns form into functionality, breathing life into our designs and adding the features that ensure optimal performance. `{`link to eCommerce Development`}`

Step 6

Testing + Launch

As part of development, we provide QA and testing to ensure your eCommerce website is fully functional. Running tests on over 100 checkpoints lets us check your site’s performance, reliability, and security and confirm it meets benchmarks. At that point, we’re ready to launch.

Our team is on hand to help you take the first steps towards owning your own website, today.

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