Google announces Passage - digital marketing news

Google announces passage based ranking and this week’s digital marketing news 

Google has announced number of changes and improvements in the search option! Google announces passage-based ranking and lot more exciting ecommerce features for the holiday season!

Passage-based indexing from Google

Google’s recent updates provide SEO with more freedom to focus on users. Google rolls out on passage-based indexing, it simply identify individual passage on a web page and process them for the most relevant query!

Google uses passage based indexing to find the relevant information buried in a web page!

New Google shopping features

Google has come up with new shopping features that benefit both shoppers and retailers this holiday season, 

Consumer-facing changes
Price comparison

Look for the prices, whether it’s high, low, or typical compared to other products on Google shopping

Price tracking

There are options to receive price tracking alerts in Gmail or through Google app

Retailer changes

Merchant promotions

Merchant promotion is now available in US and it will be shown in further more locations Google for both organic and free shopping listings. Google announced speeding up the approval process to support the holiday shopping season.

New smart shopping goal

New customer acquisition goal support smart shopping campaigns out of beta and it’s available to all advertisers

New Google shopping reporting

Get auction insights metrics for your shopping campaigns in the Google Ads report editor

Antitrust lawsuit- Google

The US department of Justice is suing over Google for multiple violations of anitrust law that is related to online search. Suit is a result of year-long investigation!

New Facebook ecommerce features

Facebook rolled out few exciting ecommerce features ahead of the holiday season! At first, brands will be able to create ads with shoppable product tags with the help of Facebook Ads manager! Facebook has announced new ecommerce focused audiences for brands that includes shopping engagement custom audiences and shopping lookalike audiences who use the facebook shops.

Brands are capable enough to manage and promote sales for their brands in the promotion tab of commerce manager. 

The above given are the short-details of Google’s passage-based indexing and this week’s digital marketing news! We hope to succeed by providing the complete information and get back to us for more info!

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