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The main goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers with a goal to increase the loyalty of customers. When you implement close range marketing techniques, text messages are the perfect method of notifying people in your area about offers happening at the moment, without using any push-notifications. Besides informing your customers about any upcoming deals, it is a perfect way of sending them reminders regarding your upcoming events and also in engaging them by asking them their opinions.

As a leading SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai, we are one of the best in this field.

SMS Marketing is a preferred means of communication by more than 60% of customers, preferring it to email marketing or even push-notifications. A number of delivery platforms are allowing for easy segmentation and management so that the most important text messages can be sent to those who would prefer it. SMS Marketing is preferred since it is less expensive when you compare it to other methods, thereby making it cost effective.

Why you need to make use of SMS Marketing

  • Follow up on responses with marketing automationWhen you set up a detailed and comprehensive SMS campaign, you can create messages which are sent automatically based on a subscriber’s actions. This enables you to provide immediate customer feedback when your representatives are otherwise engaged.
  • Grab customer’s interest: As a leading SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai, we ensure that your customers interest is captured with the help of personalised text messages. By making use of the merge feature in the text message marketing software to insert their names, you can gain their attention. Once you select the merge feature, the personalised information will be added to your text messages automatically.
  • Keywords matter: Make sure there is room for a simple text opt-in with the help of shortcode keywords. Shortcodes are engaging and simple as they allow people to take action with a few keystrokes. They are useful for contests, promotions as well as charity events.

Why SMS Marketing works

  • A large number of people have a mobile device with them for more than 10 hours at a stretch.
  • More than 70% of cell phone users check their devices for new messages first thing in the morning
  • More than 80% of messages are read within five minutes of being received,while most people just delete emails that they are not interested in without opening them.

Why should you do business with us

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and advertising with more than 90% positive responses. In this day and age, Hellopixels as a leading SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai yields more results thanks to our personalised and targeting SMS marketing strategy which yields far more responses than ever. Our personalised messages help in building your brand image by increasing the content relevance unlike any other. From short-code mass messages to two-way landline texting, we offer you a large range of automated SMS engaging tools. The world’s most customer-obsessed brands use SMS Marketing to keep in touch with customers which helps connect with the business with far better results and an increase in ROI


SMS Marketing begins when a mobile user texts a word to a shortcode. These messages are known as MO messages (Mobile Originated Messages). When the database receives your message with the keyword, the phone number from which your message came in is fed into the database and triggers a response, This message is known as a Mobile Terminated Message and would most probably include offers for the customer.

When a customer texts a keyword to a shortcode, he is opting for a specific SMS marketing campaign. So SMS Marketing begins when a customer sends a message and their number is added to the database. Once this happens, other such messages can be sent. This process stops when the customer chooses to unsubscribe from the service

In case of a text like “SMS START to 1234 for our weekly list of offers!”, the word START acts as the keyword and goes into the body of the message. SMS keywords are short words made from letters or numbers. A keyword is a basic part of every successful SMS marketing campaign. The customer texts the keyword to the shortcode for the response. A keyword is selected by the brand and is usually short and easy to remember,

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