SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

Get the right authentication for your website with an encrypted connection! We provide one of the best SSL certificate services in Abu Dhabi to secure your website and business! This digital certificate provides right authentication to your website!

What do you mean by SSL certificates?

SSL certificates or Secure socket layers is a secure authentication process, commonly used on e-commerce sites or pages that require submission of any personal information!

These certificates ensure that data passed between two parties remain secure with great privacy! The encryption process keeps your private information like bank information, credit card details, name, or addresses safe from hackers!
SSL certificates works as small data files that binds a cryptographic key to secure organization details! The certificate allows secure transactions, data transfer, and connection from web server to a browser!

Why businesses need SSL certificate?

SSL certificates usually ensure secure connections between websites and personal devices! It’s important to maintain trust among website visitors and protect your customers from scammers!

  • Websites require SSL certificates to secure user data and prevent attackers from fake versions!
  • SSL certificate allows easy encryption with public key to open a TLS connection
  • These certificates verify whether client is communicating with the right server!
  • It prevents visitors from domain spoofing or other similar attacks!
  • SSL certificate allows secure HTTPs connection for websites
  • Increase your overall Google rankings
  • Improve conversion rate among customers
  • Build a high-level of trust among visitors!

What are the types of SSL certificates for websites?

SSL certificates usually ensure secure connections between websites and personal devices! It’s important to maintain trust among website visitors and protect your customers from scammers!

  • Domain Validated – DV certificates usually verify who own the site! It’s a simple process, where certification authorities send a mail to registered e-mail address, in order to verify its identity!
  • Organizationally Validated – to obtain an OV, certification authorities or CA validate certain information that includes physical location, organization, and website’s domain name!
  • Extended Validation – Such certificates handle sensitive information with highest level of security! To issue an EV certificate, CA validates applicant to increase the level of confidence in business! The review process includes confirmation of application identity, examination of corporate documents, and finally checking information with third-party database!

How to secure your online sessions?

It’s significant to reduce the complete exposure while shopping or involving in other sensitive transactions online! Follow these steps to ensure secure online sessions,

  • Find out how your private information is utilized by sellers! Most of the reputable companies open up the information they collect and what they do with it!
  • Look for reputable logos or badges that signify whether the website meets all the security standards
  • Make sure to understand the type of SSL certificate that a website holds
  • Make sure to conduct any transactions or provide personal data to the sites with OV or EV certificates

Why choose us?

  • Strong encryption
  • Secure site to increase customer confidence
  • We ensure compatible certificates with all major browsers
  • High-quality support in mobile devices
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